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  • Green Generator
    School has installed 40KVA soundless pollution free generator to provide uninterrupted supply of power.

  • Internet Connection
    We provide continuous facility of internet via Broadband/TATA Photon+ to access the world of information as & when required.
  • Aqua Guard Fitted Water Coolers
    We provide cool and RO filtered water to all our students so as to keep them away from water borne diseases and stay healthy.

  • Tithonus International School has world-class infrastructure facilities for complete learning experience for your child

  • Infirmary
    Our health unit monitors the general physical development of our children and provide immediate first-aid treatment if needed.
  • Canteen
    Good nutrition is important for a focused mind and eating healthy, nutritional meal, keeps the child’s mind sharp and alert.
  • Transport
    Transport facility is available from all nooks & corners of Budaun, Bilsi, Ujhani and Qaderchowk. School provides the transport indirectly through outside agency.

Important among these are