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About School

The vision of the school is to create and nurture a learning culture that believes in and breathes change through education and to create an environment where learning is defined by the child’s inherent desire to learn, inspired by a philosophy of Love, Joy and Faith in the child as a learner, and guided by educational research and knowledge development. The need of the hour is to develop a new attitude towards the child and to address the myriad learning requirements of the child. With this fact in mind, TITHONUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has been set up in a small and academically lagging city like Budaun with a far-fetched vision to impart quality education of international standards with Indian values.

We believe that education is the apprenticeship of life. We provide value based education of international standards with new innovations and ideas so that our students grow into aesthetically rich, intellectually aware and integrated young people, fully capable of executing their dreams and aspirations into reality. We have a glorious vision to create an ambiance conducive to creating learning unheard before. We have designed activity areas such a way that a student may explore experience and then succeed.

‘Tithonus’ symbolizes strength, victory, courage & eternal presence. And, so similar to its name, we focus on a child’s physical, cognitive, emotional, aesthetic, social and spiritual needs and development. Thus, nurturing and shaping the various dimensions which make our kids the real human. As a matter of fact, creative energies need a caring and nurturing environment and this is what we endeavor to provide.

Tithonus International School is guided by the motto: “Commitment to Excellence”. We believe we can reach our mission only if we raise the achievement level of all our students, close achievement gaps and eliminate institutional barriers that prevent students from reaching high level of success. The motto guides us to excel in all spheres of education & development.